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Inbound Marketing

A Comprehensive Online Strategy to Attract More Visitors and Convert More Leads!


6 Reasons Why You Should Use Inbound Marketing to Capture Market Share and Grow Your Business

1. The Old Marketing Playbook is Broken

The way customers make buying decisions has changed. Handshakes, coldcalls, and trade shows are not as effective as they used to be. Today’s buyer shops online and industrial B2B companies have been slow to adapt.

2. Communicate the Value Proposition

Industrial suppliers and distributors are knowledge experts. Being able to effectively communicate your value proposition across multiple media sources establishes authority and builds trust with prospective customers.

3. Reach Millennial and Gen-X Buyers

Millennials currently make up the largest workforce in America. In order to reach them and earn their business, safety distributors must meet them on their terms: social and educational engagement online.

4. Setup Sales for Better Success

The answer is not investing in a larger sales force! The answer is equipping the current sales force with tools to engage prospects and close more leads using analytics and intelligent email workflows.

5. A Measurable ROI

Industrial B2B companies struggle to measure ROI on traditional marketing efforts. An intentional Inbound Campaign provides clarity, insight, and most importantly, measurable results.

6. The Competition Grows Every Day

The equipment you sell has become commodities sold in mass quanitities at low margins. Industrial inbound marketing levels the playing field by communicating the value of your brand.

Inbound Marketing Starts with a Strategy

After we learn abour your history, goals, and objectives, we will put together a completely customized marketing strategy designed to quickly generate Inbound Marketing ROI Calculatorwebsite traffic and convert leads into customers, and customers into advocates.

We will work with you to develop an inbound retainer that meets your goals - and your budget. Each client we work with is unique, but in general, this is what it looks like to plan, develop, and execute and Inbound Marketing strategy with us:

Phase 1: Alignment (1-month)

In this first month, we will meet with you each week to on board our teams, develop buyer personas, and a content strategy and calendar.

Phase 2: Foundation (1-month)

In month 2, we will use the blueprints we used in the alignment phase to begin building the content, workflows, and website optimization that we will use during the launch of our campaign. We will also teach your team how to use the HubSpot software and CRM to achieve the best results. 

Phase 3: Momentum and Campaign Launch! (ongoing)

Following two months of alignment and content creation, we're ready to launch our first campaign. We will publish your content to your blog, social pages, and email blasts so that your existing customers and prospects can begin benefiting from your thought leadership. We'll continue to analyze the results and make suggestions on how to best grow your reach. 

Here's an example campaign...

Service Description Frequency
Attract Traffic
Persona Development We will interview key team members to write a semi-fictional representation of your “target customer”. This helps us create content that your customers will love. 1 persona/year
Keyword Development Identify keywords that are relevant and attainable 200 keywords/year
Website Inbound Optimization We will go through your site, optimize key pages, adding forms, and CTAs where applicable. 1/year
Blog Setup & Design We will create a custom-designed, sub-domain blog ex: (blog.quadcitysafety.com) that matches your current site’s design. It will link to your main domain. 1/year
Blog Article Writing Based on your persona and your feedback, our content writers will create optimized blog articles designed to educate and engage existing and potential customers.
2 blog posts/week
Social Media Setup & Design We will setup and redesign LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.
Social Media Publishing We will publish blog content (2 times/week) to all accounts. We will also publish motivational and value proposition content 3 times/week.
1 social post/day
Value Proposition Video We will work with you to produce a 2-3 minute value proposition video and host online.
On-Page SEO We will work with you to identify and target 5 product pages each month to optimize and track.
Convert Leads
Custom Video or eBook Campaign Each quarter we will design or produce a special content offer that will serve as our “lead magnet”. The media can be a 5-7 minute video, or a 5,000 word eBook. 1 content offer/quarter
Campaign Planning and Brainstorm Session We will collaborate with you to create the perfect offer for your customers. 1 campaign/quarter
Call-to-Action Graphic Creation We will design and implement CTA graphic buttons for website, email, and blog. 1 CTA design/quarter
Landing Page Design We will design a landing page to house the special content offer and collect leads, as well as one “thank you” landing page. 2 landing pages/quarter
Closing Customers
Email Template Design We will custom design an email template that effectively communicates the value proposition of the organization. 1 email template/year
Lead Nurturing Email Workflow We will create a 4-5 email workflow that will systematically walk the lead through your buyer journey (investigation, consideration, decision). 1 workflow/quarter
Custom Designed Sales Sheets We will create custom literature sheets each month for your sales team to use. Ex: “Featured Products” or “Featured Services”... or “Visit Our Blog” 1/month
CRM Integration We will work with you to integrate all Inbound leads into your existing CRM. 1 integration/year
Delighting Customers
Email Marketing We will schedule, design, and send emails to your existing contact database. 2 emails/month
Social Monitoring We will watch all social engagement, interact, and respond to followers quickly and graciously. Daily
Survey Customers We will work with you to create relevant questions to survey your customer base each year. 1/year


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