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Content Services

Accurate, Comprehensive Product Content from the Industry's Favorite Suppliers

Industrial Safety & MRO Product Content for Distributors

Close your eyes and picture this (better yet, keep your eyes open)…

  • Over 30,000 products and 380,000+ SKUs with website-ready descriptive content
  • Thousands of images at your command
  • Industrial safety and MRO content from over 1,500 suppliers
  • Safety product content, industrial MRO content, and janitotial product content
  • Continuously updated content for many products (when a product is in anyone's print, web, or display project, the database content is vendor proofed and updated)
  • Available option to request new products be added (nominal fee, see below)
  • New products added daily (from all print or web projects)

Straight-Forward Pricing Structure for Large Projects 

Supplier proofed = $4/product block*
Non-proofed = $3/product block

*A product block includes any associated SKUs, imagesand logos.

Here's How It Works

We will create a free SMS N2 Account where you will be able to login to our PIM, access our entire content library, select the products you want... even at the SKU level.

Once you have what you need, our team of Content Specialists will export your selection and proof the content -- notifying each supplier about your website project. They will likely make suggestions about product selection. That's a  good thing!

Finally, we will make any necessary corrections to the content, package the content as a CSV, and place your images on an FTP site for retrieval (processing time depends on amount of product blocks chosen). 

By the way, our Content Specialist Team works right here in Florida! They all speak english, but most-importantly they all speak industrial distribution. That makes a difference! Our content is the cleanest, and most-accurate in the industry. We guarantee it. 

Obviously, you could do all this yourself, or outsource it to India -- or -- you could take the workload off someone who probably is already wearing multiple hats.

Aren't you glad you kept your eyes open?

Supplier Showcase - Steel-Flex

Looking for customized, enhanced, rich content for your website that is search engine optimized (SEO), packed with multimedia that will help you stand out from the crowd?

Contact us for a marketing consultation about custom product content.


industrial safety and mro product content at your fingertips

product content from the world's best industrial suppliers

We've been doing this for over 13-years, so we have relationships with the world's best industrial suppliers. Accuracy and speed. That's how we roll.