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Custom Printed Catalogs

Product Content, Catalog Design, and Production Process Made Easy!

Custom Catalog Production for Industrial Suppliers, Distributors, and Wholesalers

Your custom catalog starts with the SMS prolific product content library with up-to-date manufacturer logos and safety product images. We have over 30,000 products, 380,000 SKUs, and thousands of images and logos at your disposal! SMS has worked with over 1,500 manufacturers and suppliers securing approvals for each product specifically for use with your project.

Throughout the entire process, you will receive pre-press proofs at specific milestones, giving you multiple opportunities to review your content and design before we send it off to the printer.

As soon as you send in your product selection, we start working.

Sort your content the way you want - or let us do it for you. We can include any proprietary information you'd like - just send it in. The bottom line is that producing a full-line safety or industrial catalog is hard. We make it easy. 

When we're finished, we'll continue to make your life easier by helping you collect supplier co-op dollars with custom, comprehensive supplier real estate invoice documents. We've found that an organized co-op plan can reduce the overall catalog investment by as much as 70%. Cha-ching!

What? The printed catalog is a dinosaur? Not yet! Download our free industry report answering the question, "Are Printed Catalogs Dead?" This data-driven report takes a look at industrial distributors. The results may surprise you!

Download the free industry report: Are Printed Catalogs Dead?!


Digital Publishing

We can help you create a digital experience that is an interactive extension of your print publications.


The Library feature allows users to select any of the catalogs published online
The Table of Contents feature provides quick access to the pages of your publication
Synonym Tables, additional text tags, keyword search and highlighting of search terms on the page provide for a rich search solution that makes search functional in all sized publications
Initial page view is automatic but users can toggle between facing and single page view
The Thumbstrip feature allows users to easily scroll multiple pages
Swipe or click through the pages with more options and smoother page transitions
Project Lists can allow users to build a list that can generate a Request for Quote. Create a new project list for users or we can integrate your site's existing project list functionality.
Products are linked to your ecommerce site. Quick Orders, offline lists and order forms may be incorporated into this workflow.
The Share feature allows users to share your pages across the most popular social media networks and through email
Export a single page or custom range of pages from any publication and save it as a PDF file on your desktop or mobile device
The Print feature allows users to print a single page or range of pages based on their needs
Bookmark pages and add notes, allowing for quick access in the future to important content or products that will be revisited
Crop important information from the publication, then share it with colleagues or save it for future reference
Access your website's Live Chat feature for engagement with your customers
Users needing a little help can find quick instructions and/or contact information
View your social media directly within the digital publication through live, interactive feeds
Multiple levels of zoom are available by clicking on the page
Video, audio, multi-image displays and more can be incorporated into your digital pages, providing a more interactive experience
TouchPoints draw attention to specific products in lifestyle photos showing multiple products. They are designed to have minimal distraction to the quality of the design of that photo. They can trigger Actionable Pop-ups, product data pages or additional information links.

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