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Safeopedia Inbound Marketing

Realize ROI with Customized Packages for SMG Suppliers & Distributors


The Safety Buyer's Journey Changed... Has Your Marketing?



Thought Leadership + Brand Authority

Developing mind-share with your distributor partners and end-users is your mission. Safeopedia offers an exclusive platform for getting your message to decision makers at every level.

SMS can help you amplify for your digital footprint and navigate today's digital buyer's journey. Supply your distributors with a steady flow of qualified leads by creating remarkeable content that helps you stand apart from your competition and sell more than ever before.

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Lead Nurturing + Online Sales

Safeopedia will help you increase traffic through referrals, but traffic to your website isn't much good without content funnels that lead buyers to an informed purchasing decision.

You need to generate more leads, nurture those leads with email automation, and when the time is right, send them to your ecommerce store to buy. SMS can help you grow B2C & B2B online sales. It's time to take back the business you've been losing to the big box stores.

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Question: What Will You Do With the Traffic From Safeopedia?

1. Attract Visitors to Your Website Through Referrals and Organic SEO

Safeopedia has 60K visitors each month (and growing)! Posting content on that channel gets your thought leadership seen by more end-users than what may be possible on your own website. Posting MORE content on your own website will fuel organic traffic. It's a winning combination for expanding your digital footprint.

2. Convert Visitors Into Leads and Nurture Those Leads Until They're Ready to Buy

What are you going to do with all the traffic coming your way? Convert them into leads for your sales team - duh! It might seem obvious, but very few safety distributors or suppliers do this right. It requires remarkable content, expert landing pages, and marketing automation. We got this...

3. Close Your Prospects and Grow Your Business with Key Accounts Across Categories

Education doesn't just exist at the top of the funnel. It's critical to influencing buying decisions. Product videos are digital closers. Use video on your website, Safeopedia, and emails to push your prospects over the edge. Also, your key accounts didn't know you sold that product line. They'll be buying from you now. 

4. Delight Your Existing Customers and Retain the Business You've Worked so Hard to Attain

Retaining your existing accounts is even more important than adding new business, wouldn't you agree? In a crowded industry, the difference is in the details. Be sure to stay on "top of mind" with your customers by giving them the same great content you landed them with in the first place.

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